Organic Vegetable Seedlings

We organically grow a wide variety of vegetable seedlings/ early spring to summer / $8.00/6pk $2.00/singles

“Great local business. Good place to buy your veggie seedlings for starting your own garden or if you’d like to buy fresh veggies Amy’s is the place. Always willing to offer helpful hints to the novice gardener with the not so green thumb”

Roger Austin -Facebook -Levant, Me

Spring Annuals

We start the season with pansies, alyssum and impatiens/ early spring / $3.99/6pk

Summer Annuals

Most of our annuals are sold in 4.25″ pots / late spring through summer / $4.99ea

11″ Hanging Baskets

Our most popular item / Spring/Early Summer / $32.00ea

 “I purchased 2 floral hanging baskets. They are beautiful – – full and lush – clearly grown with a superior green thumb.”

Hope Whitcomb -Facebook -Hampden, Me


Small variety of perennial flowers / spring to fall / starting at $14.99


A growing selection of flowering and fruit shrubs / spring to fall / $24.99

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